Editorial Policy


1. Our editorial policy is anchored in a steadfast commitment to accuracy, forming the bedrock upon which we construct our credibility. The pillars of rigorous verification and factual reporting are foundational, ensuring the delivery of trustworthy information. In our pursuit of a deeper understanding, we actively cultivate balance by presenting diverse perspectives and viewpoints. This dedication to inclusivity not only fosters informed discussions but also guarantees a comprehensive exploration of various angles.

2. Upholding the principles of impartiality, we steadfastly maintain independence from external influences, safeguarding the integrity of our journalism and upholding ethical standards. Transparency is a fundamental aspect of our operations, providing our audience with insight into our editorial process and fostering a sense of trust. Recognizing the significance of privacy, we deeply respect your right to confidentiality, and handle personal information with the utmost care.

3. Our narrative is crafted with sensitivity, attuned to cultural nuances, and grounded in principles of respect and dignity for all individuals. Embracing diversity in both our content and workplace, we enrich our storytelling by reflecting the vibrant richness of our community.

4. While Nepal Aaja provides advertising opportunities and public relations services, we are resolute in maintaining a clear separation between commercial and editorial interests. This division ensures the preservation of the integrity of our journalistic practices.

5. In addition:
- We strictly adhere to a policy of non-disclosure regarding the identity of our information sources, prioritizing the safety and security of those who trust us with their insights.
- We unequivocally reject any interference from radical groups or regulators that might compromise our core values, human rights, press freedom, freedom of expression, and other fundamental principles. Our commitment remains unwavering in upholding the integrity of our journalistic practices.