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Fake Bhutanese Refugee Case: Accused Bechan Jha Arrested

Fake Bhutanese Refugee Case: Accused Bechan Jha Arrested

Bechan Jha, the accused in the fake Bhutanese refugee case, has been arrested. A team from the Special Bureau of Nepal Police apprehended Jha last night. According to high police sources, he was taken from the Nepal-India border area.

Who is Bechan Jha?

Bechan Jha is a controversial figure implicated in a large-scale fraudulent scheme involving the creation of fake Bhutanese refugees and facilitating their migration to the United States. He is alleged to have played a key role as a middleman in this criminal operation. Police claim that Jha became involved in this scheme after receiving a substantial amount of Rs 2 crore from the gang responsible for orchestrating the fraud.

Background of the Case

In Chait 2079, as arrests began in the fake refugee case, Jha absconded. The case saw the involvement of several high-profile individuals, including former Deputy Prime Minister Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, former Home Minister Balkrishna Khan, current Secretary Teknarayan Pandey, and former Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa's security advisor Indrajit Rai. Additionally, Bhutanese rights leader Teknath Rizal, former MP Angtawa Sherpa, and middlemen Keshav Dulal, Sanu Bhandari, and Sandesh Sharma, among others, were charged with crimes against the state. The District Public Prosecutor's Office in Kathmandu filed the case in court with charges for four different offences.

Recent Developments

On Friday afternoon, Prateek Thapa, son of former Home Minister Thapa and one of the defendants, was arrested from Kapan in Kathmandu. Shortly after, the police also captured Bechan Jha, who had been on the run. It is reported that Jha had fled to India and had been under police surveillance for some time before his arrest.

Jha has now been handed over to the Kathmandu Police Complex for further investigation. His arrest marks a significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation into the fake Bhutanese refugee scam.

The Arrest of High-Profile Figures

The involvement of prominent political and administrative figures in this case has drawn widespread attention. Former Deputy Prime Minister Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, former Home Minister Balkrishna Khan, and other notable personalities have been implicated, highlighting the extensive reach of the fraudulent network. The arrests and ongoing investigations underscore the seriousness of the crime and the determination of the authorities to bring all involved to justice.

Public Reaction

The arrest of Bechan Jha has been met with significant public interest and concern. Many are eager to learn more about Jha's background and his role in the fake refugee scam. His involvement as a middleman who facilitated the creation of fake documents and the subsequent migration of individuals has raised serious questions about the integrity of systems meant to protect genuine refugees.


Bechan Jha's arrest is a crucial step in unraveling the fake Bhutanese refugee scam. As the investigation progresses, more details about Jha's involvement and the broader network of individuals implicated in the fraud are expected to emerge. This case highlights the need for stringent measures to prevent such fraudulent activities and ensure that justice is served for all those affected.

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